• Can a universal remote work on a portable dvd player

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    Can a universal remote work on a portable dvd player I added these to the Kameleon. Cheers Rebecca Trying to get more out of my dvd. Thank you Can anyone help me with the multi-region hack for a Aiwa Xs-dv335rw dvd Home Cinema system?? There will be a link you need to click to make your comment visible. Converting the player to Multi-Region: 1. Thanks Ajax For all those with a LG LH CX 245 DVD player. Does anyone have a code for the polaroid pdm 0742 portable player. I used this recorder to put many of my old VHS tapes on DVD. This indicates that the optical head is weak and so there is no detection or scanning of the CD. Currently I have a region 2 but need to view region 4 dvds. A hack that I can perform using the stock remote? Please help with a Hack!! The email address entered is already associated to an account. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Power the player off, wait 30 seconds and then power back on. Any help and suggestions will be appreciated. These codes depend on the device as well as the brand and model. There are no indicators for this but it works. An answere would be most appreciated. Press Setup to clear the information once read. In my experience universal remotes are usually fine for basic fucntions. Any hacks for a Sony SLV-D370P to make it region-free? Sep 13, 2009 I finally found a code that works. It had a link to information about DVD region encoding they sell both region 1 and region 4 discs. Can a universal remote work on a portable dvd player Audio seems to be working OK. Read on to learn all the helpful information you need to know. If so the board seems to work unless a test is taken on the main board but the possibility of a defective optical head can be the suspected fault. Your own search may find a listing for a universal remote that exactly matches your model. We are trying to get the code to multi region a Sharp DVD. I just wanted to add that this Hack worked with my Sony DVP-NS508PI just tried out region 2 and 4 and it now works great: With the DVD player turned off stand bypress: TOP MENU CLEAR POWER Choose option 2 and after option 4. One of my interests over the years has been converting old Beta and VHS recordings to DVD. Sony DVP NS50P or Mitsui DVD 1552. Open DVD drive 2.

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