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    Ruby version pokemon walkthrough TM24: Thunderbolt-Buy it in Mauville for 4,000 coins. They are Torchic in the middle,Mudkip at the right and Treecko at the left. If you wish to stop evolution, press B when the Pokemon is evolving. When you reach Verdanturf Town, go to the red contest house and pick up a Contest Pass - this allows you to participate in any contest around Hoenn. If you have Mudkip or Treecko or caught a Wingull, Lotad, Shroomish, or Surskit, this will be a lot easier. This is the daycare centre where you can send two of your Pokemon to gain some levels. Places of Interest: - 1. How far will you get before dying? You should be able to find a cottage. Torchic users, make sure to level up that Shroomish as it can eat up tons of attacks. Can you solve the mystery? The Wailmers blocking the path eastward is now open, so heal up and start your sea voyage to Mossdeep City. These guys like to stalk you, so defeat them if you want. Genderless Pokemon can only breed with a Ditto and the egg will not be Ditto. On the first set of steps, go up, right, up, left, left, up, right, and up. This is very useful for finding rare steel types, such as Mawile. This is an excellent addition to the Pokemon series and I recommend this to everyone. It knows Sheer Cold. If you wish to stop evolution, press B when the Pokemon is evolving. I suggest a Shiftry for this fight. Wrap 15 85 Yes Nrm Lasts 2-5 turns. Day and Night System now is added. Send me nonsense 6. You can speed up berry growth by watering plants with the Wailmer Pail that you get from the Flower Shop early in the game. Talk a little and head towards fiery path and back where you see a cable station. Ruby version pokemon walkthrough HM4: Strength-Found in Rustburg Tunnel after smashing rocks. Go up and get that thing that thing that looks like a pokeball. Trainer: Youngster CalvinPokemon Used: Zigzagoon LVL 5Strategies: This is easy, just use POUND if your using Treecko or use scratch. Glare - 75 No Nrm Paralyzes foe. Once you have enough youare now ready on catching and hunting Pokemon. Att and Def raises! In order to reach the Seafloor Cavern, start at Mossdeep City.

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